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Started by BFG1000, October 19, 2017, 07:28:30 PM

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any good stories about the first time you saw a girl's spine and realised what it does for you?

i'll start.. this girl i knew in grade school comes up to her best friend next to me and goes "some people's spines stick out more than others". her friend goes "what are you talking about?" of course i look over...

she starts to lift her shirt in the back to show us both, and i mean she's standing up straight at this point so i wasn't even expecting much. but i swear you could see every single bump on her spine from the bra strap down to her waist.

closest i could find:

she just casually goes, "yours doesn't do this, right?"


For most of us, probably in a movie. Unless you mean... first time in person?


either or.. first one i remember was from a b movie in the 90s, dont remember the name of the movie or the girl. but she had like a white crop top on, and her smooth tanned back showed ... so when she bent over wow!


Wouldn't mind seeing that :)


My first was actually a girl I had a crush on in i think 2nd grade. We all sat on the floor in class and she was sitting right in front of me...  I'm not even exaggerating, I could count every single bump on her spine from top to bottom, showing from under her shirt.

I must've stared cause one of my friends noticed and then looked at what I was looking at and made a face like it was the grossest thing he'd ever seen.


ooh, yeah other peoples reactions...  i think sometimes it turns me on even more tho. maybe im weird.

any stories about first times touching one?


One time this Italian girl I knew in college was hanging out with a bunch of us, slouching a bit. Suddenly one of our other friends looks over, notices her back and makes some joke about her being "too bony".

I turned and saw every bump on her spine was sticking out.

Fast forward to when we dated, turned out she really liked back massages. She didn't even remember that incident but I guess most people wouldn't.


Can I just say I'm loving this thread?  ;D



i'm gonna draft one up but i like the whole format with pics so i'll try to find the right ones to do that same thing.


1st time seeing one was a girl sitting right in front of me wearing a tube top. looked just like this:


one time my roommate brought over a blonde girl and every time she bent over, her shirt would run up to show her lower back just enough that you could see just a couple bumps on her spine. later on, she sat on the floor hugging her knees, so her shirt runs up even more. i remember thinking her lower spine was jutting out at least like 2 inches.

late that night, after flirting a bit, she starts making out with me and she was really into it so i hesitated a bit then gently ran my hand down her back. now keep in mind i'd seen her spine all night and it had that super bumpy, almost squared bumps look. so i remember noticing how it felt so much narrower to my hand than it looked.

i mean it LOOKED a lot like this:

but FELT more like this to me:

anyway, after a bit, she looks at me with a grin and says "you like that?" seriously it was probably the most awkward moment because that was the last thing i thought she'd say.


wow. i dont remember the very 1st time seeing one but i remember seeing eva herzigova on the SI swimsuit special in the 90s.. that part in the water.


@feverpitch That's so true. I've seen super thin girls whose spine barely shows even when they bend over and some curvy girls with the super bony kind where each vertebrae is crazy defined.


love that, bcklvr.  :o


I had a crush on this really cute girl who actually looked short and the other guys even made comments about her ass being too big. she was cute as hell but it was the first time i was seriously surprised by a girl's spine sticking out so much.

This one day, she sat on the floor during class to work on something and bent forward a bit. I glanced over and i could count every single bump on the lower half of her spine sticking out from under her shirt.

It was only her lower spine though. Every time she wore stuff that bared her upper back, you could see her back was a little muscular. Her shoulder blades didn't really show much. But her lower spine... she usually wore stuff that covered her lower back but you could count the bumps through her shirt most of the time even when she bent over a little bit.

So anyway, this one time she sits in front of me in class and finally wore something that bared her lower back. This other guy in our class that she dated comes in and seriously just starts rubbing her back, seems to notice, and seriously starts stroking her lower spine up and down with a playful smirk.

It was the first time I saw one in real life.