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Started by Bergdog33, January 09, 2021, 04:57:10 PM

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Do you find that having a spine fetish completely overshadows any arousal to other things?  For me it seemed that way for the longest time simply because I wasn't as fixated on tits or ass the way most guys are. But over time i came to realize that i am turned on by several aspects of the female figure, including an attractive face. Even just the look of a woman's skin is hot to me, on a nice body. Like even an arm or a leg on an attractive woman is hot.  It's more so the overall lean/athletic feminine figure that I'm into, with a specific fixation on the spine.  Like, i appreciate a nice ass but it doesn't turn me on by itself as much as it would a "butt guy".   Same goes with the downstairs parts to be honest.  Like, I'm into how it feels during sex more so than how it looks. With the spine, it's both the visual and feel that gets me going more than anything else. Anyone else relate to that?

On that same note, are there any other little kinks that you have?  I remember feeling funny as a little kid every time I saw a woman get a pie in the face. And there's still something hot about that, but I've never actually explored it..yet. i guess a double whammy for me would be having a sex partner bend over with her face into a pie while her spine is exposed lol


I definitely get the overshadowing thing. I can appreciate a nice body of course, and a lot of times when a friend points out that they find a girl hot, it's common enough that I'd agree and also find other traits arousing... but nothing else quite works to the extent that the spine does for me.

I'd say legs and breasts are both close seconds for me, but a clearly defined spine goes much farther than both. Enough so that I'd definitely say it overshadows them.

Before I told her, my girlfriend was definitely a little confused at why I didn't seem to quite react to her putting my hand on her breast as much as when I touched her spine.


I definitely agree on the skin and lean body thing. Shoulder blades and the shoulder itself do it for me too but them alone, not quite as much as the spine.

i hadn't really thought about this before but all of it really does do more for me when I find the girl's face attractive at the same time.


Normally I'd say I prefer the thinner body type with long lean legs but I've known a few girls with really short almost wider legs that happen to have much more defined spines even at different weights. The spine still does it for me more than anything else too.