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Upper or Lower Back

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What do you all think of the upper back (like that part between the shoulder blades) vs the lower back (the small of the back) for spines?

I notice a lot of girls have really visible spines in the upper back between the shoulder blades and others you can only see on the lower back area where it caves in if that makes sense.

i feel like its more normal for the lower back spine thing but the upper is a sign a girl is way too skinny and unhealthy

This isn't true at all. I was standing in line this one time and there was an overweight girl (not like curvy but actually overweight in every way) wearing a shirt that showed her upper back and her upper spine stuck out enough that you could see it when she was standing up straight.

People just store fat in different ways and lucky for us, some don't store any in the middle of the back at all?

Anyways I like all kinds but nothing beats the lower spine for me.

sorry didnt mean to offend just my impression that the upper back spine sticking out seems like a too skinny thing. the lower spine sticking out when you bend over seems normal.

No offense taken. I just wanted to point this out because there are already a lot of misconceptions. Like every time my ex-girlfriend's spine stuck out when she was sitting in front of my other friends, there'd be comments about how she was too skinny because they could see her spine sticking out from under her shirt all the time. She was healthy and actually not even that thin, her spine was just very defined all the way up.


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