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Started by BFG1000, October 19, 2017, 07:24:50 PM

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one thing i really like about girls spines is how theres different kinds. like sometimes a really skinny girl has one that doesn't quite stick out as much but other times, a really athletic girl has a really "bumpy" one.

i think i speak for most here that all are cool. my ex was really short and sort of looked heavier to most people but hers was so bumpy it was like her lower back was hollowed out. i gave her massages and really liked how it felt.

anyone else have a similar experience?


Agreed. My ex was very tall and thin but hers was like the "long smooth line" type that's not visible at all unless she really bent over or slouched. Others have spines that show every bump even when they're standing up straight and carrying more weight. There's room for all types :)


I've really gotten to like the smoother kind lately.


I like all kinds personally. I do know some girls who aren't too skinny that still have the really bumpy kind. I appreciate them all  ;D


Even the smooth kind can feel pretty bumpy when your giving a back rub ... but I have to admit the really bumpy kind does it for me like nothing else.


yeah i noticed how some really skinny girls have the smooth undefined type and some curvier girls have the really really bony kind.

like these...


I know exactly what you mean. I dated a super skinny girl once and it was like her skeleton was smaller, her spine barely stuck out when she bent over and it was that smooth kind where you dont really see many bumps.

But then you see all these girls who aren't that skinny at least in any unhealthy way, but their spines stick out so much you can count the bumps... sort of like


honestly it's so disappointing when she looks super thin but her spine barely sticks out even when she bends over. it's so hard to tell most of the time.


One thing I've always noticed is you either have one where it sticks out like one long ridge, where the bumps are there but kind of smoothed over..or the exact opposite where it's just very distinct, separate bumps..and some are a combination of the 2 (usually the most prominent ones are both).  And then you have some that don't stick out super far, but they're very defined. Like, the bumps are shallow but very toned and noticeable.   

Another thing i notice is that some girls on the more muscular side have it, while others don't. I used to worry anytime i matched with a girl who says she's into powerlifting (or heavy lifting in general) because their lower back muscles often overshadow their spine, even when completely rounding their back. But then I eventually ran into strong chicks who actually still have pretty prominent and/or defined spines.   It's always a nice surprise when ones like that have it.


i think the best thing for us is when her spine sticks out and has those prominent bumps even when she's NOT super thin because it just means it could only stick out more or at least still stick out no matter what.

i think when it doesn't stick out a lot on a slimmer body (like it only shows a little bit but it's just because she's thin right now), you just know if she gained even a bit of fat or even muscle, her spine might be totally covered up. It just might... not 100% for sure but it's like the chance is higher.

there was this really tall thin girl once, like supermodel body type. and when we went out for a bit, i remember running my hand up and down her back, and it just felt like one long smooth ridge. even when she completely rounded her back, it was just a straight ridge. that same night, she got her friend an overweight girl to crack her back for her and that overweight girl says out loud "your back just feels like a skeleton" i just kept thinking, i've definitely seen and felt bumpier spines on girls that weren't even as thin as her so that was ironic.

compare that to this other girl who always had a wider body type but her spine area was "hollowed out" all the time. her legs were a bit thicker and she was pretty short so people would even think she was a bit chubby with clothes on. but every summer when we'd go to the beach, friends would make comments about how she "lost weight" even though she stayed the same. most people immediately think that when you can see every bump on a girl's spine i guess. when she really did lose some weight once, i could seriously see the gaps between the bumps even when she stood up straight. when she bent over, it stuck out enough that you could see it through a sweater. that's the kind i like the most now. but to be honest, i think if i can feel a spine at all, it's on for me so who am i kidding.