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Back Role Reversal
« on: March 07, 2021, 12:52:53 PM »
Ok here's an interesting topic. How many here actually got the role reversal? Or actually like back interaction as much as giving it? Everyone knows a woman's back is 100x sexier no question about that. But how many actually had girls touching their back alot and actually liked it just as much as touching their back?

One time back in high school there was this one hot nurse who was very thorough. She was a younger apprentice of a older one. They had that mandatory scoliosis screening. I was absent that day when they did it in bulks or large groups most were in and out. So the next day i was told by the teacher to go to the nurses office for the screening. i felt like the only patient as no one else was in there as i waited. And only the apprentice hot one was there, and came in to check me. I smiled from ear to ear. I had a baggy sweater on and she first tried to do it over the shirt, which i think they did for everyone, i wasn't prepared to dress accordingly. After a few passes she said can i lift this?

I agreed. So she did, lifting it and noticed a t-shirt under that, i was thinking she was gonna do it over the t-shirt, but she lifted that too along with the sweater to the back of my head. Exposing my back entirely. Oh the good on pre-covid days nowadays they do it all with gloves. And she ran her smooth fingers down my spine many times, VERY slowly. Palpating every inch of the entire back as well in detail. Upright, and bent over. Good thing i was facing the other way, the grin, and my thoughts of reversing it on her. I stalled it by asking questions during it so she would pause, and start over a few times LOL. This memory burned in my mind and stuck there like it was yesterday.

oh for more importance the nurse had a nice back too from what i can see, when she took the lab coat off...and bent a few times to pick up write something down, her lower back would peek out regardless of what shirt or turtle neck she had on

Other times were in current times with gf or ex's sometimes they will reverse and in the supermarkets, put their hand up your shirt and rub your back or spine. So who else actually has cool stories like this? Or just me, their back or the highway?


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Re: Back Role Reversal
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2021, 01:56:31 AM »
I remembered being really into recieving attention to the back/spine in my early childhood to early teens but after puberty I was so absorbed in being attracted to female spines that that kind of dominated everything else.