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Favorite pose


What's your favorite pose for a girl to be in for her spine to show?  The 2 general poses i tend to notice is either the typical bending over at the waist, or, sitting with her legs curled up in front of her. Like she's hugging her knees. In the latter of the 2, she can be upright practically as long as that tailbone/pelvis is tucked forward revealing the lower-middle spine.  I tend to like that pose more so than bent over but i do notice that it varies from girl to girl. Some look amazing when standing and bent over.  And i notice with some women the vertebrae are more pointy in one position vs the other, where it shows with more fullness.

All sitting type poses, especially the knee hugging pose but also any sitting pose where she curls forward works. I think a lot of that has to do with some of the first times I saw a girl's spine in school but it still works and is common enough.

Death Dealer:
Sitting forward, leaning forward, or hugging the knees is basically the best poses. Unless the girl is really slim and vertebrae that sticks out upright. Leaning forward or any position with her rounding her back gets the spine to show.


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